UVSC Session Report
Sunday, March 8, 2020 (Session #266)
(authored by BJ)

It was all Kyle this week as our newest member started with a win over
yours truly and never looked back, going 4-0 and including a 122-point
triple-triple.  Ellen had the high non-bingo with QUAYS for 65, with
ZARF for 60 by Iliana a close second.

Some interesting words seen this week:

TEOSINTE: an annual grass (played by Iliana to secure a win late in a game)
KIRN: to churn (played by Kyle very shortly after he learned it)
FAERIE: a fairy (played as the bingo FAERIES by Marilyn)
ZARF: a Turkish coffee cup holder (played by both Iliana and Ellen this week)
HIP: (verb) to build a type of roof (called a hip) (played as the past tense
            HIPT# by BJ in an NWL game -- oops!)
JEON: a monetary unit of South Korea (no -S plural in NWL)
GEY: (adj) great (no forms in NWL)