UVSC Session Report
Sunday, February 23, 2020 (Session #265)
(authored by BJ)

Kyle, Andrew, Amit, Marilyn, Ellen, Iliana and I played 11 total games
this week.  It was great to have Amit back in the mix, and along with
Marilyn, Iliana, and myself we could potentially have four Collins
players in the club.  Augustia also joined his dad during the games and
received lots of pointers; perhaps he'll be a future player at the club,

Here is a selection of the words seen this week:

MESHWORK: meshes; a network (played by Andrew as an extension of MESH)
MORGAN: a unit of distance between genes in a chromosome (played as the
        bingo MORGANS by Amit)
ENCAGE: to put in a cage (played as the bingo ENCAGING by Kyle)
GOODYEAR#: a vulgar term of emphasis (played by Iliana)