UVSC Session Report
Sunday, February 9, 2020 (Session #264)
(authored by BJ)

Another new person -- Kyle's friend Hannah -- came to check out the club
today.  She played two games including a very fun, highly strategic
teaching/learning game in which she and I matched wits against Tim.  We
eked out the victory by 2 points after Hannah found the wonderful play
of HAJJI (using a blank) for 49 points late in the game!  Kyle returned
again this week and among his games he faced two highly experienced
players, Elouise and Tim, giving them both a run for their money while
getting down his first bingos at UVSC.

I was out for much of the evening, but along with Margaret, Marilyn,
Ellen, Andrew, Iliana and the aforementioned other players, several nice
plays and words were reported.  Below is a selection.

HAJJI: one who has made a pilgrimage to Mecca (also HADJEE, HADJI, or HAJI)
DEJECT: (verb) to depress (high play of the day was DEJECTS by Andrew for 100)
FUNHOUSE: an amusement park attraction (and a nice find by Iliana)
BARITES: barium sulfate as a mineral (BARITES played by Ellen as a bingo)
GUISE: pretense; also a verb, to disguise (GUISES was a nice endgame find by Kyle)
CANDLER: one who candles (tests eggs by holding them up to light; played as a bingo by Elouise)
JUKU: a private Japanese school (played by Tim)
JIVER: one that jives, or dances (played by Margaret for 46)
LAMBASTE: to beat severely (played as a bingo by Marilyn)