UVSC Session Report
Sunday, February 2, 2020 (Session #263)
(authored by BJ)

We are quickly settling into our new regular venue, the Norwich Public
Library.  This session took place on Super Bowl Sunday, and we decided
to have our own little Scrabble Super Bowl party.  We ordered nachos,
wings, and pizza and streamed the game, eventually, although not without
our share of technical difficulties.  Luckily, none of us were
particularly invested in it!  In fact, what was much more exciting to us
was that another new Scrabbler, Kyle, joined the party!  He played two
games and we hope very much that he'll be able to return.

On the boards, the high non-bingo of the day was the well-placed word
BRIEFS, hooking the S atop QUAD, for 53 points by none other than our
new player, Kyle!  Marilyn played a fun word when she took a wild guess
at WOGGLE and it came up valid!  It's a loop that Boy Scouts use to
thread the ends of their neckerchiefs (or neckerchieves!) through.

Other notable words that got played include:

FAUVE: a painter who practices fauvism (as typified by Matisse)
HAINT: a ghost
VIOL: an old stringed intrument
BETH: a letter of the Hebrew alphabet
BICE: a medium blue color
RATOON: to sprout from a root planted the previous year
AUTOGIRO: a helicopter-like aircraft