UVSC Session Report
Sunday, January 26, 2020 (Session #262)
(authored by BJ)

After a long, successful run at the Tip Top Pottery Studio, our club has
now relocated to the Norwich Public Library for our regular sessions, of
which this week's was the first.  We've also switched to Sundays, though
the new schedule is still being finalized.  Don, Tim, and Andrew were
able to join our regulars (Ellen, Margaret, Marilyn, Iliana and me) for
this first regular session at the new location, and together we played
17 total games.  Tim survived some close games and came away with the
only perfect record at 4-0, but Margaret stole the show when she crushed
her personal best high score by nearly 100 points with a 579 game!  She
had three bingos en route to that score, including SWANKIER for 110

Other interesting words that turned up included those below.  There were
a couple of mini-themes!

RIYAL: the basic monetary unit of Saudi Arabia (and other countries)
HALALA: a Saudi Arabian coin, 1/100th of a RIYAL
ANTISERA: plural of ANTISERUM, a serum containing antibodies
VIRION: a virus particle
ZOON: (noun) the whole product of a fertilized egg (plural ZOA)
ZOON: (verb) to zoom (hence ZOONS, ZOONED, ZOONING)
SITH: since (archaic variant, nothing to do with Star Wars)
DIZEN: to dress in fine clothes
KOA: a Hawaiian timber tree (not a campsite chain)
YOK: (noun) a loud laugh (also YUK)

Pictured below is the board from Margaret's high game.