UVSC Session Report
Monday, January 20, 2020 (Session #261)
(authored by BJ)

We were glad to have Jaci return again, and along with Ellen, Iliana and
I, we had another enjoyable, low-key session.  One notable high-scoring
play occurred.  After being pleased with myself for finding the unusual
word OUGIYA (a monetary unit of Mauritania) which really helped me get
rid of some ugly tiles, Iliana took advantage of a new TWS opening that
it left, playing FOXING for 75!  Merriam-Webster tells me that FOX, as a
verb, means "to outwit".  So I guess the more common word, OUTFOX, means
to out-outwit.  If only language were logical!

Some other interesting words spotted:

SANTERIA: a religion of the Caribbean region
THEINE: caffeine
ATRESIA: absence of a bodily passage
COZEN: to cheat
ZILL: a finger cymbal
HAW: to turn left
WEAL: a mark left by a whip
ERUGO: a green film that forms on copper
FUZE: alternate spelling of FUSE (noun and verb)