UVSC Session Report
Saturday, December 21, 2019 (Session #258)
(authored by BJ)

With the holidays approaching and the prospect of missing two
consecutive club sessions because of them, we decided to move our final
meeting of 2019 to Saturday at the library instead.  Elouise and Tim
were able to join us, as well as Ellen, Margaret, Marilyn, Iliana and
myself.  We had some holiday goodies (and more birthday goodies) while
we played.

Some of the interesting words seen during the session were:

SELFING - it turns out that SELF can be a verb meaning to inbreed
GARDAI - an Irish police officer (singular GARDA)
UNDY - wavy (nope, not underwear), as in heraldry lines (also UNDE or UNDEE)
TOGUE - a lake trout
FISC - a state treasury
DIDO - a mischievous act
DIDIE - a diaper (also DIDY)
WUD - insane
OTIOSE - lazy
ZEBU - an asian ox
KOHL - an Egyptian eye makeup
ILEX - a shrub of the holly family

Enjoy the holidays everyone, see you in 2019!

(Shown below are two GARDAI, UNDY lines on a heraldic crest, a TOGUE, a
ZEBU, someone wearing KOHL, and an ILEX shrub.)