UVSC Session Report
Monday, December 16, 2019 (Session #257)
(authored by BJ)

We had a SCRABBLE PARTY Monday night, thanks to our very own
co-directrix being on the brink of completing her current circuit around
the sun on spaceship earth.  There were cakes, candles, singings, lots
of food, guests from afar, and a new player too.  Oh and words!  Yes,
there were many words.  Iliana played GUNNERAS, which I had to look up.
She knows her plants well; GUNNERA is a category of them, some of which
have ginormous leaves!

Mike and Jeri joined us from the southlands, and Jaci was our new
player; she played three games and expects to return next month --
hooray!  Along with Ellen, Margaret, Marilyn and myself, the eight of
us, plus Sherry and Adelie who dropped by for the celebration, had a
joyful Scrabbly time.  We all had cake, but Mike took the figurative one
with a 580 game that included the 3x3 play of STARTING for 131 points.

Some of the other interesting words spotted around the boards were:

BILANDER -- a two-masted cargo vessel
DIRK -- a small knife (also a verb)
ZOEAE -- plural of ZOEA, the larval stage of crabs
REDD -- to neaten or clear up
JAKE -- all right (adj) or a yokel (noun)
COOEE -- to cry out shrilly

Shown below is (s)iliana, birthday girl, and a gunnera plant: