UVSC Session Report
Monday, December 9, 2019 (Session #256)
(authored by BJ)

What does FLYTIER mean, do you think?  It has nothing to do with being
FLIGHTY!  It is a noun, meaning "one who ties fishing flies".  Given
that definition, it becomes clear how it should be pronounced.  I like
words like this, that are not what they at first seem (for me at least).
Oh and yes, this word showed up during one of our games this week!

Another thing one might observe is that there are a great many nouns
that are also verbs.  I find that some of them are so often nouns and so
rarely verbs that I require a little mental concentration before I can
convince myself of their verb status.  Margaret played such a word --
DEVILING -- this week, and if it weren't for deviled eggs, I'm not sure
I would really have known that DEVIL was a verb.  In fact, DEVILED could
well just be an adjective in that case, but it turns out it really is a
verb, too, meaning "to prepare food with pungent seasoning".

In the high-scoring department, Ellen drew the word QUILLED right out of
the bag after another bingo, and played it for a cool 118 points!  And
Iliana made a double-power-tile play of QUARTZ for 68 to earn the high
non-bingo honors.