UVSC Session Report
Monday, November 11, 2019 (Session #252)
(authored by BJ)

Well it seems that several people remembered that I recently had a
birthday; furthermore, they conspired to surprise me with amazing food,
singing, dessert, general merriment, and high quality wordplay!  Bingos
were flying as Margaret found STRANGE, which we learned is also a noun
(meaning that STRANGES is also valid); Iliana found EQUANTS# at a
critical point while making a big comeback (an EQUANT# is a geometric
adjustment to explain planetary motion); Ellen found CHARNEL, which has
a morbid definition (it is a room where corpses are placed); Marilyn
found STOVING and got 5 extra points for it after I challenged (to STOVE
means to dry in a stove); and I was pleased to come up with AKINESIA (a
loss of voluntary movement).

Thanks all for a really fun and special evening!