UVSC Session Report
Monday, November 4, 2019 (Session #251)
(authored by BJ)

Ellen, Margaret, Marilyn and I ate many tasty snacks and played lots of
Scrabble.  Thanks everyone for always bringing delicious munchies!
Ellen had the play of the night with the perfectly placed bingo of
SQUIRED for 125 points; the Q was tripled and the word doubled, for one
of the highest plays at our club outside of triple-triples.  Ellen and
Margaret got off to a roaring start in their game with a bingo apiece
right off the bat.  Margaret couldn't find a place for SOFTIES but then
found an alternative through the O in Ellen's HEROINS (see photos).
Marilyn was a force to contend with; her two games were both against me,
and I lost each of them by over 100!