UVSC Session Report
Monday, October 28, 2019 (Session #250)
(authored by BJ)

With Iliana in Florida and Ellen visiting Oklahoma, Jan, Marilyn and I
had a small but fun session.  Jan got her first bingo at our club,
drawing the blank as the last tile out of the bag and making GENIALLY
for the win!  Jan and Marilyn then had a lively game in which there was
a lot of laughing.  On a tight board, Marilyn was "handcuffed" with both
blanks and no playable bingos for a number of turns, but still managed
to eke out a 14-point win.  And Marilyn also got a win against me; after
getting a solid lead late in the game by bingoing with VIOLATED, she
drew a pile of bad consonants, including the Q.  I was able to play out
quickly and get 38 points for her tiles, but it wasn't quite enough as
she held on for a 4-point win.