UVSC Session Report
Monday, September 23, 2019 (Session #246)
(authored by BJ)

I only have time to supply a very short report this week, until I'm back
in town and can add some details.  We were very pleased to have Wally
S., a tournament player from New Mexico, stop at our club on his
cross-continent road trip.  He is bound for Shediac, New Brunswick for a
tournament there.  He had an excellent night, winning all but one of his
six games.  Ellen had the magic touch, winning against Wally with the
support of a free turn after her play of RESPLICE was challenged.  Wally
had numerous nice words, including HOODLUMS and ENAMINES against me, as
well as winning a free turn when I challenged ASWIM.  Margaret and Jan
both joined for a game, and Iliana played several, but I don't have the
details on their plays at hand, I'm afraid.

One quick thought I had, though, was now that we've had several new
players attend the club, we are starting to get a wider range of skill
levels.  Iliana and I are hoping that with more players, we will be able
to do a better job of matching up opponents so that everyone is playing
at a level that is comfortable for them.  More on this when we resume in