UVSC Session Report
Monday, September 16, 2019 (Session #245)
(authored by BJ)

We were pleased to have a new visitor, Sally, join us for a game
tonight!  Bill also returned, and he gave Sally an excellent
introduction to club-style play during their game.  We hope she returns!
Andrew also joined us again, and nabbed the high bingo play of the night
with the club's first triple-triple in a while, playing TAURINES for
122.  Ellen had the high game of the night and her second highest game
ever at UVSC with a 526!  Iliana had the nice find of EPIBLAST, which
refers to the external layer of an embryo.  I was pleased to find ZAMAN#
for 51 in a bid for a late-game comeback, even though it didn't pan out.
A zaman is a tropical American evergreen tree, also known as the rain

Other bingo finds included INSIPID, DYNAMICS, CHAISES, ENGINEER,
(SERINE is an amino acid), LIONIZED, OOSIEST# (the superlative form of
OOSY#, which means "having fluff"), COPERED# (to COPER is to supply
alcohol illegally; COPER is also a noun meaning a horse dealer, and
valid in TWL), and EARLIES# (EARLY as a noun means an early-season fruit
or vegetable).