UVSC Session Report
Monday, September 9, 2019 (Session #244)
(authored by BJ)

During a week in which I needed a low-stress distraction more than ever,
Scrabble club delivered.  With just Ellen, Iliana and I, it was an
easy-going, enjoyable night of games.  I started out tired, but with
some good eats from Cantore's, I even found the energy to play some
simultaneous games, and managed the high bingo of the night with URTEXTS
for 101.  (An URTEXT is the earliest version of a literary work.)  Ellen
and I shared the high non-bingo, both scoring 66 points for our plays of
QUIT and DEIXES#, respectively.  DEIXIS is an interesting word, valid in
TWL and having two plurals, DEIXISES (good in TWL) and DEIXES#
(Collins-only).  According to Wikipedia, a deixis is a word that cannot
be fully understood without additional contextual information.  For
example, some pronouns (such as "me" or "she") as well as words like
"here" are deixises because unless you know who the speaker is, where
they are, or to whom they are referring, then you don't know precisely
to what or whom they are referring.  Iliana found some interesting words
of her own, putting some wading birds on the board (AVOCETS), Maori
women (WAHINES), and savory dumplings (PIROGIES).

NONETTE# (a musical piece for nine players), RESLATED, TRAYNED# (TRAYNE#
is an old spelling of the verb TRAIN), PIROGIES, SUASION, CRINATE#
(having hair), MORALISE, PATNESS (suitability), and OVERATE.