UVSC Session Report
Monday, August 19, 2019 (Session #241)
(authored by BJ)

I take it as a sign of the success of our club that it has been uncommon
to have fewer than five players in attendance so far this year -- it has
happened in just 7 of 32 sessions.  Last night was one of those
sessions, though.  In fact, there were just two of us, as Iliana and I
got to relive what the club was like in the early days (back in 2014 and
2015) when having just two or three players wasn't all that unusual!
Back in April of this year there was one session with just two players,
due to icy weather conditions.  In 2018, there was only one such session
all year long, in April.  We did get a visit from our friend Devin, who
hasn't played in a while but is always a welcome visitor!

On the boards, I got to play a 9-letter bingo for the first time in a
while, finding TOWERLIKE through ER as the first bingo of the night.
While getting drubbed in a later game, I was pleased to pull BEGNAWS#
out of nowhere (not sure how I even knew that one) and also UPSWAYED# in
a different game made me happy too.  It's not often you see bingos
containing a U, W, and Y.  It has happened twice before at our club,
though, including just a few weeks ago when Iliana played UNWATERY#.
(The other one was UNWEARY, played back in 2015.)  For her part, Iliana
nabbed the high non-bingo play by hooking VARIX onto QUOTH (making
QUOTHA, which means "indeed") for a cool 78 points, and the nicely
paralleled HEATS for 52 without using a power tile.

The rest of our bingos included RAVELIN (a type of fortification),
FEINTED, DENSEST, SHENDING (to SHEND is to disgrace), EARLIKE# (no, this
is surprisingly not valid in NWL), EARNESTS (an EARNEST is a down
payment), and DOCILEST#.

Below is the (CSW) board containing the word TOWERLIKE.