UVSC Session Report
Monday, August 12, 2019 (Session #240)
(authored by BJ)

This was David's last week before returning to college, and though we
haven't been playing into the wee hours as much in recent sessions, that
was not the case this time.  Just when I thought we were done, Iliana
and David convinced me to stay for another ... and then another ... and
then another!  Iliana played a total of 8 games, I played 10, and David
played a whopping 11 before the session was over.  A number of those
were simultaneous games when we had odd numbers.  We were rounded out by
the more sane players, Margaret and Ellen, who left at a reasonable hour
and probably were far less groggy the next day!

In the improbability category, David had yet another tie, his third one
in recent weeks.  He and Iliana finished deadlocked at 471, a very
high-scoring tie; it was just 15 points shy of the NASPA club record for
high CSW tie game, which as it happens was set at this very club two
years ago!  In one of her games, Ellen found the delicious and
high-scoring word GYOZA.  You can find gyozas on the menu at the local
Japanese restaurants just a mile or so away -- they are pork and cabbage
dumplings that are steamed or fried, and I've eaten them many times.

The bingo heap consisted of many good words, including lots of uncommon
ones, language-wise.  Among them were HEROIZE (to make heroic), CANIEST#
(CANY# means resembling cane), JITTERS, RESISTER, FORINTS (a FORINT is a
monetary unit of Hungary), PLERION# (a type of supernova), ARISTAE (an
ARISTA is a bristlelike structure), SOCAGES (SOCAGE is a form of feudal
land tenure), TALONED, OLEARIA# (an Australian daisy shrub), INCENSER#
(a burner of incense), ENTIRES (yes, this is the plural of ENTIRE used
as a noun), FOVEOLAS (a FOVEOLA is a small fovea, or shallow anatomical
depression), SEAKALES (a kale-like plant), ONAGERS (an ONAGER is a wild
Asian ass), UNGEARS# (to UNGEAR# is to unharness), TOROIDS (a TOROID is
a donut-like shape), SLENTERS# (a SLENTER# is a trick), PRIESTLY,
(to cancel something written), HOEDOWN, SLUSHING, PREVENTS, and CREELED
(to CREEL is to put caught fish into a basket).

Shown below are fried gyozas, a wicker creel, a bill of 20000 forints,
two onagers, and a seakale plant.