UVSC Session Report
Monday, August 5, 2019 (Session #239)
(authored by BJ)

We had a strong turnout of 8 players this week, with Amit making his
first appearance of the year, Bill returning for a second time, and Mike
road-tripping up to join us.  Bill posted his first ever club win, which
I suspect is only the first of many; David played a strong CSW game
against Amit and hung on for a 441-425 win in their first ever meeting;
and Mike and Iliana led the way in the win-loss category at 3-1 and 4-1,

And now a word about words: Bill found CAKEY for 45 points in his win.
Short adjectives ending in -Y or -EY are an interesting category.  CAKY
and CAKEY are both valid, as are WAVY and WAVEY, but only RAVEY and not
RAVY* (as David found out the hard way recently).  Both PINY and PINEY,
and WINY and WINEY, LINY and LINEY, but only VINY.  Where's the logic?!
Well, you can't apply logic to language[1], I say -- only rules of
thumb.  Speaking of valid adjectives ... I was lucky to find two
adjectival forms that I recently learned, both of which are only valid
in Collins but have roots that are valid in NWL.  LOWERY means sullen,
but LOWERIER# and LOWERIEST# are Collins-only.  DREIGH means dreary, and
DREIGHER# and DREIGHEST# are likewise Collins-only.  Though they are sad
words by definition, DREIGH has been interesting to me for some time
because it can also be spelled DRIEGH (IE instead of EI), which is the
*only* NWL word containing the letter sequence I-E-G-H.  And just to
make it more ridiculous, DRIEGHER* and DRIEGHEST* are not valid in any

Extensions are always fun, and this week Iliana scored a nice 45 points
by turning SHRUB into SHRUBLAND.  It was noted that SCRUBLAND is also
valid, as are many dozens more of that nature, such as VIDEOLAND,
LINKSLAND, CLOUDLAND, and LOTUSLAND, to name a few.  David found the
night's high non-bingo, making QUINZE# for 69.  The French word for
fifteen, quinze is also a gambling card game.

Some other bingo words found during the session were VIREMIAS, WATERBED,
mineral), TINGLERS, ORGANDIE (a cotton fabric), TATTING (to TAT is to
make lace), HEREINTO, RATTENS (to RATTEN is to harrass), BITCHED,
PLANERS (a PLANER is a tool that smooths surfaces), ATELIER, ORATING,
PANIERS (a PANIER, or PANNIER, is a large basket), SPORING, PLAITER,
TANNERY, STEREOS, BRADAWL (a small boring tool), CARIOUS (decayed, of
teeth), MITHERED# (MITHER means mother as a noun (NWL), and also means
to confuse, as a verb (Collins)), INISLED# (to INISLE#, also ENISLE, is
to put onto an island), and TROELIE# (an extremely large palm leaf).

[1] Except maybe constructed languages like Esperanto or Lojban.
[2] There is also one more spelling: DREICH, with DREICHER# and
DREICHEST# being Collins-only.

Shown below is the board from (CSW) game containing DREIGHER#.