UVSC Session Report
Monday, July 22, 2019 (Session #237)
(authored by BJ)

This week we were very pleased to welcome a new player, Bill, who
decided to drop by after seeing our blurb in the Valley News events
calendar.  Bill stayed for three games, observed others playing, asked
lots of questions, and said he hoped to return.  We enjoyed his company
very much, and we certainly would love to see him return!

Everyone got on the bingo train this week.  Bill played his first club
bingo, STINGING, against Iliana.  Marilyn made the nice find of SVELTEST
(most SVELTE), and Ellen found FRIGATE for a come-from-behind out-play
win.  Late in a game I had a substantial lead and the rack of ADEIT??,
so I decided to see what unusual word I could find.  The word I played
is the name of an ornamental shrub (pictured below) and contains one of
the power tile letters (J, K, Q, X, or Z).  Iliana played BEWARES, which
sounds strange to me, but that's probably because we normally hear the
imperative form, as in "Beware the ides of March!"  But BEWARE is a verb
like any other, so perhaps you BEWARED the ides of March earlier this
year, and maybe I'll be BEWARING them next year, and for all I know,
Iliana BEWARES them every year.  Of David's bingos, my favorite was
STYGIAN.  It is often--but not always!--capitalized, and means
"pertaining to the river Styx", which is the river of the underworld in
Greek mythology.  Thus, STYGIAN means hellish or infernal.  As David
pointed out, it has a very common word as its anagram, so if you find
the common word, try playing its uncommon anagram and maybe you'll draw
a challenge from your opponent.  David did!