UVSC Session Report
Monday, June 10, 2019 (Session #231)
(authored by BJ)

David, Ellen, Marilyn, Margaret and I played 10 total games this week.
We were without Iliana who was resting up after a long, fun weekend at
the Niagara Falls tournament.  I had one of those nights where I both
played well AND got very lucky, having what was probably my best club
night ever.  In five games I had 17 bingos, with four of those games
over 500 and an average score of 501.  I can only hope I am that lucky
in a tournament someday!  I think only one of my plays in particular
really stood out, and was my favorite: I played the bingo PATINAE
(plural of PATINA) as a 5-way overlap late in a game.

David had some tough luck, except for one beautiful game where he got
four very nice bingos: NONMEAT, ETERNITY, SEXTING, and SCORIAE (plural
of SCORIA, the slag from metal smelting).  High non-bingos were not the
norm tonight, but Margaret placed QUASH nicely for 50 in one of her
games.  Ellen had the very British-looking LIONISER for one of her
bingos -- I'm always surprised that that's valid in TWL, but it's
high-probability and a good one to know.

Other bingos recorded in the session include CORSLETS (a CORSLET is a
piece of body armor), TICKETED, BEFITTED, CHAIRMEN, THRIVEN (form of
THRIVE), TRIUNES (plural of TRIUNE, a trinity), ANGORAS, COTTAGED (an
adjective, having cottages), WAISTED (another adjective, having a