UVSC Session Report
Monday, June 3, 2019 (Session #230)
(authored by BJ)

This week saw another first for our club: two 9-letter bingos in one
session, MENTIONER by David and UNSHELVED by Marilyn.  But there's
caveat: only one of them is valid!  Can you guess which?  I would have
thought both of them to be valid, myself.

I had the high non-bingo for the week with PHONS (a PHON is a unit of
loudness) for 82, but it was more circumstance than skill.  Earlier in
the game I had bingoed with PLEADING ending one space shy of the TWS,
because I couldn't find any other place to bingo.  A few turns went by
and finally I got an S, making PHONS + PLEADINGS for the big score
before either player had sufficiently clogged up the area.

Our bingos for the week included SATIRIST, NEARLIER (an unusual
inflection of the adverb NEARLY), EMOTIVE, WARISON (wealth), DETERGED
(to DETERGE is to cleanse), ENTASIAS (ENTASIA is a spasmodic contraction
of a muscle), AILERONS, DIORITE (an igneous rock), SAUTOIRE (a heraldic
design), DECRIER, NARGILE (a water pipe), SYBARITE (a person devoted to
pleasure and luxury), SCORNER, and BILKERS.

The answer to which 9-letter bingo was valid appears in the (CSW) board
photo below.