UVSC Session Report
January 21, 2019 (Session #212)
(authored by BJ)

Marsha, Pat, Margaret, Iliana and I played ten total games this week.
Marsha had the high non-bingo of the session with a nicely slotted play
of IDLED for 57 points.  I was also happy with finding VETCHY# for 51,
while Iliana and Pat both recorded J-words for 48: Iliana's was JUDGED,
and Pat's was ... taboo!  Margaret had a tough game in which her final
play was her highest-scoring one, but was ironically the word ZERO.  And
we got a further chuckle out of the fact that her remaining letters were
NUN (read: "none").

A selection of some of our bingos: RANDIES (a RANDY is a rude person),
DIGITALS (a DIGITAL is a piano key), TOUZIER# (TOUZY# means shaggy),
IMAGINES, KARATES, PLAINED (PLAIN as a verb means to complain),
FAVORITE, SHAMBLE (a verb meaning to walk awkwardly), ENGINEER, CORDATE
(heart-shaped), and REOILED.