UVSC Session Report
December 17, 2018 (Session #209)
(authored by Iliana)

This was our last club meeting of 2018, and it was just Ellen, Margaret,
and me (Iliana).

Ellen & Margaret brought many, many good holiday treats: Ellen brought
her home-baked and amazing Skandihoovian cookies, and Margaret brought a
liter of rich & delicious Egg Nog, along with a small bottle of Captain
Morgan's rum to perk it up a bit -- we got perked up, all right! There
were beautiful gifts of Narcissus bulbs too, which have already sent up
green shoots in my living room window. So nice :-)

And of course there was a lot of Scrabble: Ellen carried the
double-playing torch for all three of our rounds, doing BJ proud, and
acquitting herself admirably, going 3-3.

Margaret also had a terrific night, going 2-1, with the highest
non-bingo of the night, JINX for 61, as well as playing two sweet bingos
in her last game, SPANGLE and BANISHED.

I was very happy to find HANGMAN, as well as NAKEDEST for 94 points.

The rest of our very merry bingos: PINGERS, MEASURER, VENOMOUS,