UVSC Session Report
December 10, 2018 (Session #208)
(authored by BJ)

Mike joined us this week and, along with Ellen, Margaret, Iliana and
myself, we played 14 total games, bunches of bingos, and even a handful
of unchallenged phony bingos.  It seems that I contributed significantly
to the latter category!  TOTEMIC is an adjective meaning, as you might
guess, relating to a totem (a tribe or clan symbol).  You cannot put an
S on it.  A SORDINO, which is a device used to muffle the tone of a
musical instrument, has the plural SORDINI and no others, it turns out.
Finally, I invented and adjectve-sounding word that, in my mind, meant
"pertaining to an UNCIA" (a coin of ancient Rome), and which was an
anagram of the valid word INCUDATE (pertaining to the INCUS, a bone of
the middle ear).  Mike also got a phony down that I regret leaving on
the board.  He could have easily played GROOVED, or the more unusual
OVERDOG (the opposite of an UNDERDOG), but instead he played the
non-existent opposite of UNDERGOD (a lesser god).

We also had two particularly notable non-bingos: Iliana played REGROOMED
through the word ROO for 52 points, hitting two double word scores in
one shot.  Ellen played DESK, hooking the K to the front of the existing
word VETCH (a climbing plant) on a double word score for 54 points.

The rest of our bingos were NOTITIAE# (a NOTITIA# is a register of
ecclesiastical districts), HEARTIES (plural of HEARTY in the nounal
sense of a comrade), UNHEARD, TREADED (less common than TROD, but also
valid), ORGIAST (an orgy participant), TIELESS, OVERSALT, RAILERS,
KAWAIIS# (KAWAII# means cuteness in Japanese culture), FASTENER,
ANOTHER, SENARII (plural of SENARIUS, a type of Latin verse), VERACITY,
FOULING, SOIGNEE (an adjective meaning carefully done), RUSTLED,
predatory insect), BOTHRIA (plural of BOTHRIUM, a groove on a tapeworm),
EDGIEST, MOINEAUS# (a MOINEAU# is a type of small fortification), and
LOBELIA (a flowering plant).

Shown below is the (TWL) game between Ellen and Iliana which includes
Ellen's KVETCH/DESK play.