UVSC Session Report
November 19, 2018 (Session #205)
(authored by BJ)

David surprised us this week with his attendance -- he's home for the
holiday break and we were glad to have him join us.  In fact, he even
played his first two in-person Collins games ever (simultaneously in
fact), got down a handful of Collins-only words, and even won one of

We haven't had too many notably high non-bingo plays in recent weeks,
but this Monday Iliana got the 87-point word STOVE, after the word CRAZE
had been played one short of the triple-word score in the top middle of
the board.  The area was somewhat crowded with parallel words, but not
quite enough to prevent the play.  This is the highest-scoring non-bingo
word that has ever been played at our club without using a J, Q, X or Z.

There was another first for our club this week: David and I were playing
a game, and after the first couple of turns I realized that the time on
my clock hadn't been decreasing, even though his had.  Can you guess
why?  It turns out that due to some gear rearrangement between games,
there ended up being a clock on each side of our board.  I was using the
one to my right, and David was using the other one!

Bingos this week: TRAGICAL, REZONES, STOWING, ANTISERA (played for the
second week in a row), VARIOLE (a small anatomical depression),
COURAGES, RETCHED, SWAGGER, ALIUNDE (an adverb meaning from another
source), SESTINE (a type of verse form, also SESTINA), RATIFIES,
CARLINGS (a CARLING is a beam supporting a ship's deck), SOLARIA (plural
of SOLARIUM, a sun room), ENPLANE (to put on an airplane), SUETIER,
AEROLITE (a meteorite), RETAKEN, ALATION (the state of having wings),
ADORNED, SHUNTED, WEAPONS, REAROSE# (form of REARISE#, to arise again),
STARVES, TWINSET (a matching pullover and cardigan), ANOMIES (ANOMY or
ANOMIE is social instability caused by erosion of values), OPIATES,
ELATION, AERIALS, ROUTINE, MANTRAP (a source of potential danger),
UNTURNED, IMARETS (an IMARET is a Turkish inn), and SCANTER (more

Below is a picture of the game with two clocks.