UVSC Session Report
November 12, 2018 (Session #204)
(authored by BJ)

I was very happy and surprised when my clubmates had a mini birthday
celebration for me, which included some cupcakes, candles, and no fewer
than five birthday songs in multiple languages!  Thanks everyone!!  My
most memorable birthday Scrabble moment was at the end of a game when I
drew the rack AEEIUVX and thought "eeew!", but shortly thereafter was
excited to notice the cool bingo using those letters!  But then I was
sad again when I realized that word wasn't playable.  But then I became
elated again when I realized there was an open T on the board for a very
similar 8-letter word!  (It's in the bingo list below.)

Another rare event that occurred was a tie game between Ellen and
Iliana, just the sixth one in our club since 2014 (although it has only
been 10 weeks since the previous one).  In that game, Ellen made a nice
find of the word SCORIAE (plural of SCORIA, the slag from smelting),
hooking the S atop her earlier bingo of LIMIEST.  Iliana had the bingo
NONGLARE in that same game, which is not only an adjective but a noun
(something designed to reduce glare), and therefore NONGLARES is also
valid (which was somewhat surprising, we thought).

There were quite a number of good bingo finds all around.  Here are the
rest of them: ARRIVES, THEMING, ALTERNE# (one of a group of adjoining,
but sharply differentiated, plant communities), TRITONE (a musical
interval of three whole tones), TIMEOUS (timely), VARIABLE, SOUPIER,
TRIPLET, EXUVIATE (to molt; EXUVIAE was the similar word mentioned
above, which refers to the layer which is molted), RELEARN, MAINOURS# (a
MAINOUR# is a stolen item found in the possession of a thief), RIANCIES#
(RIANCY# is merriment), PRINCES, GULLIES, SALARIAT (the class of
salaried persons), SUETTIER# (SUETTY# means resembling suet), REBEGAN,
containing antibodies), JOTTING, WINTERED, DEARIES, STATINS (a STATIN is
a drug that inhibits cholesterol synthesis).