UVSC Session Report
November 5, 2018 (Session #203)
(authored by BJ)

Last night we had a cozy session in the back room as there was a private
function going on in the main part of our normal venue, the Tip Top
Pottery Studio.  Nancy, Gabe, Margaret, Iliana and I played what was for
us a fairly small session, with only seven total games.  It probably
should have been only six games, but despite feeling wiped out I
couldn't stop myself from accepting the challenge from Iliana to play
just one more at the end of the night.  I would never have imagined what
was about to happen next ....

It turned out to be a dream game for me, and I know my brain was not at
its sharpest so I claim there was a great deal of luck.  I managed four
bingos, one of which was a triple-triple, and reached a total score of
678, a new club record.  The triple-triple word was FOREBODE for 185
points, also a new club record for highest scoring play.  And despite
hardly getting any good breaks throughout the game, Iliana came away
with 373 points, bringing the combined point total in the game to 1051,
yet another new club record.  Whew!

Ye old list o' bingos also includes: METERED, PANZERS (a PANZER is an
armored combat vehicle), PLATENS (a PLATEN is a roller on a typewriter),
MORTARING (a 9-letter bingo played through OR), ECLOGUE (a pastoral
poem), ATTENDS, MORAINES, DANNIES# (DANNY# is another word for the

Pictured below is the board from the record-setting (CSW) game.