UVSC Session Report
October 29, 2018 (Session #202)
(authored by BJ)

Mike F. joined Ellen, Iliana, Margaret, Gabe and me for the evening.
After a number of Scrabble games, Mike, Iliana and I played a few rounds
of traditional 4x4 Boggle, which I find is a great (and enjoyable)
exercise for helping refresh my memory on lots of those short, uncommon
words that I have learned along the way.  Especially when we use my
computer afterward to look up what words we all missed.  It's a lot more
fun than staring at a list of study words!  We found a handful of
7-letter words during the games; none of the boards were really
conducive to longer words.  Those that we found were WORRIES, RORIEST#
(RORY# means noisy), STEEPEN, UPROOTS, ENROOTS (to ENROOT is implant
firmly), ELUTION, and SHIVERY.

Scrabble had its share of good words too, including JUICIEST by Ellen,
which garnered the high score for the evening at 107 points.  Other
bingos recorded were RELATION (twice), DAINTIES, CHARIOTS, AIRHEAD,
WINCERS, TOPIARY (the art of trimming shrubs into shape), SORITES (a
type of argument used in logic), KNOLLED (in addition to its common
meaning as a noun, KNOLL can also be a verb meaning to sound a bell
(alternate spelling of KNELL)), RUTTIEST, REIGNED, INJECTS, DORSALS,
ATONERS, DONNEES (a DONNEE is a set of assumptions upon which a story is
founded), HOLINESS, ETESIAN (an annually recurring wind), NEONATES,
(the outline of the top of an animal's body), LADINOS (a LADINO is a
fast-growing clover), PLAGUES, DECIPHER, SLEEPIER, ANISOLE (a chemical
compound), UNMARKED, ENSNARE, and PRIVETS (an ornamental shrub).