UVSC Session Report
October 15, 2018 (Session #200)
(authored by BJ)

This was our 200th session--I find it hard to believe we have had that
many already!  While a celebration would have been fun, we decided not
to plan anything formal because the session immediately followed a
weekend tournament in Lake George that some of us attended, so we
expected it to be a shorter session than usual.  That turned out not to
be the case, as Don F. joined us on his way back from Lake George, and
along with Nancy, Gabe, Margaret, Ellen, Iliana, Adelie and myself, we
had a strong turnout, lots of Scrabble, and even a bunch of rounds of
Boggle at the end, finishing late into the night.

9-year-old Adelie played a long learning/teaching game against me, and
at the very end of it I tried to set her up for a bingo for a fun
ending, since she had a blank.  I asked her what vowels she had so I
could set up a hook for one of them.  She said, "Hmm, two Is, a U and a
Y," at which point I thought "Uh oh, that doesn't bode well for a
bingo."  Her full rack was IILTUY?, can you guess what she played (with
my help)?  (It was a CSW game, but her play was not a CSW-only word.)

Don had a superb night, going 5-1 including two solid simultaneous wins
against Iliana and I late in the evening.  Gabe and Nancy continued to
improve their games as they learned new words using the helper sheet
and strategy tips from the veterans.  The club regulars--Margaret,
Ellen, Iliana and I--are all very happy to have visitors and new players
as we work on growing our small club into a bigger one, little by

Here is a selection of the group's bingos from this week: LARGESSE,
LATHIER (for 98 by Iliana; LATHY means long and slender), FRONTES
(plural of FRONS, part of an insect's head), NAIVETE, TRIFLERS (a
TRIFLER is a shallow, frivolous person), SPANNER, SIENITE (an igneous
rock), DURRIES (a DURRIE is an Indian cotton rug), PETUNIAS, STOURIE
(dusty), CILIATE (a class of protozoans), and STERANE (a chemical
compound).  In Boggle, our longest words were WORSENED, ANISEEDS,
FETIALES (plural of FETIALIS, a priest of ancient Rome), and the
9-letter Collins-only word WHEATIEST#.