UVSC Session Report
April 23, 2018 (Session #177)
(authored by BJ)

With only three of us in attendance this week, I ended up playing two
games simultaneously multiple times.  (I volunteered, happily!)  It is
fun but requires a lot of concentration and can be exhausting.  Somehow
I managed to play *nine* games by about 10:30pm!  Add in three more
regular games after that and I seem to have set a new club record for
games played in one session.  And, I dare say, I slept very well

During those games, I suffered a bit of a bingo drought.  At one point
when I was disappointed at not being able to find a place for a natural
PIQUANT bingo on the board, I discovered instead that I could play
QU(BI)T for 72, which made me just as happy.  Still, that wasn't the
high non-bingo of the night, as Iliana slapped down JEHAD in just the
right spot (15D) for a beautiful 88 points!  I was also telling Iliana
and Ellen how I was trying to keep a streak alive of playing a recently
learned bingo word each week.  I didn't quite do it this time, but just
after mentioning it, Ellen played the lovely LIRIOPE, which was in fact
one of my recently learned bingo words.  So that was very timely, and at
least I knew not to challenge!

Finally, we had one of those rare 9-letter bingos tonight.  Iliana had
EGGINTR and IF was on the board.  Can you spot the word?  It is a
relatively new word, being added to the TWL lexicon in the last major
update in 2014.

Pictured below is a liriope plant and the (CSW) board with Iliana's
9-letter bingo.

The answer to last week's question is: FOUREYED is valid. BJ played the other word, and it did not withstand a challenge.