UVSC 2017 Year End Report
(authored by BJ)

This was a good year for us, and though we haven't grown as much as we
eventually would like to, we did gain two new regular members in Ellen
and Margaret, and had several visitors for a total of 17 total different
players. We played many more games than the previous year, holding
sessions on 48 out of 52 Monday nights (our most ever), and our final
session of the year was our 161st overall.

A total of 396 official games[1] were recorded (191 TWL, 205 CSW). 1178
total bingos were played: 63 were CSW-only, 52 were phony, 435 were
8-letter bingos, and just two were 9-letter bingos. Player statistics
for the year are attached below[2] for the nine players who played at
least ten games in 2017. For high plays, our records are not rigorous
and thus some of the entries are left blank, especially for players who
have not played many games.

[1] There were also 18 "off-the-record" games recorded. These are
typically instructional games with new players, or other special
circumstances in which the official rules were not adhered to.

[2] Player statistics are computed without separating lexicons, even
though that skews things somewhat. Full statistics, broken out by
lexicon, will be posted eventually. :)