UVSC Session Report
December 18, 2017 (Session #161)
(authored by BJ)

This Monday was quiet, with just three of us. Ellen was only able to
stay for one game, then Iliana and I had a marathon string of 7 more
head-to-head games (nothing unusual for us, actually!) until the wee
hours. The most notable game was a high-scoring affair with 972 total
points, divided evenly between the two of us--a 486 to 486 tie! This is
only the 3rd tie in the over 1300 games played in our club's existence,
and by far the highest-scoring one. In fact, checking the NASPA records
on the matter, it seems that is not terribly far behind some of the
highest recorded ties ever! In club play (tournament records are
separate), the record is 496, followed by 491 and then 456, so this
would easily put this game in third place.  However, separate records
are generally kept for TWL (the North American English word list) and
CSW (the World English word list), and the ones listed were for TWL,
while our game was CSW. There were not any club records listed for CSW
in this category, so perhaps we'll be the first!  It's not the most
prestigious record, but it certainly is noteworthy and interesting.

Some of our bingos tonight: TERTIAL, ISATINE, EASTLAND#, TRANCING,
DREARING#, NESTLER, FALSIES. High non-bingos included ZITE# for 69 and
EVADE for 55.

Below is a summary of the high tie game in Quackle. It includes one
phony (JOKEL*) and several CSW-only words.