Upper Valley Scrabble Club (NASPA Scrabble Club #313)

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No sessions will be held until health authorities approve of group
gatherings.  Stay tuned.

Sun Mar  8, 2020 [report]
Sun Feb 23, 2020 [report]
Sun Feb  9, 2020 [report]
Sun Feb  2, 2020 [report]
Sun Jan 26, 2020 [report]
[Full session history.]

The UVSC is a club for playing friendly but competitive tournament-style
Scrabble.  We meet weekly at the Tip Top Pottery Studio in White River
Junction, VT on Monday evenings.  Feel free to drop by any time 5pm or
later, we are usually there until at least 10pm.  All ages and skill
levels are welcome.  Being an officially sanctioned Scrabble club, we
play a slightly more formalized version of the game than you may be used
to. (For example, we use timers, a standardized dictionary, and all
games are one-on-one.)  However, new players will be given plenty of
time to adjust to the formalities.  If you're curious, come on by and
check it out, you might love it! RSVPs are preferred but not required.

The club directors are Iliana Filby and BJ Premore. Feel free to contact
us any time by sending email to XYST@uvsclub.org, except replace 'XYST'
with 'info'.  A xyst is a covered portico in Greek architecture, and
more importantly, is a valid Scrabble word. :)

We are a NASPA-sanctioned club (#313) and play according to NASPA rules.

We also have a Facebook group if you want to see some photos and
commentary.  Do not be daunted by some of the unusual words or high
scores we sometimes post.  If you're crazy about Scrabble like we are,
come join us and in no time you'll be making plenty of wonderful words
too. Or maybe you are already playing words like that, in which case, we
really wish you'd come join us! :-)